10 Best Anti Snore Pillow for Side Sleepers Rated for 2023 – A Guide

best Anti Snore Pillow for Side Sleepers

For those side sleepers wondering whether there is a cure to snoring, I’ve got some bad news and some good news.

The bad news is that no, there is no permanent cure to snoring. However, the good news is to get yourself the best anti-snore pillow for side sleepers.

You see, snoring basically happens when the air pathway tissues get constricted due to an unnatural position. As a result, you not only snore but tend to disturb your other half’s sleep as well.

What’s the benefit of an anti-snore pillow then?

Well, for starters, it helps to uplift the head in a balanced position. Plus, such pillow could also support your shoulder and neck muscles. The ultimate relaxation helps in reduced air pressure on the neck or nose tissues, which in turn reduces snoring.

Best Anti Snore Pillow for Side Sleepers Reviews

I’ve done detailed research on finding some of the best anti-snoring pillows. In this aspect, I’ve compiled a list of top-rated anti-snoring pillows while keeping the quality, comfort, snore-reducing features, and budget in mind.

Let’s, therefore, get right to discussing those pillows as follows:

1) EPABO Anti-Snore Pillow

EPABO Anti-Snore Pillow

The first anti-snoring pillow up on our list comes from EPABO. The brand has done a lot of work finding the perfect natural position to elevate the head, neck, and shoulders muscles.

This pillow, thus done wonders in reducing the snoring to almost 20%. Featuring a comfortable and properly curved design, the pillow could help side sleepers get a peaceful sleep without spending much budget.

Beginning with some basics,

EPABO snoring pillow comes with a major natural curve. This special curve ensures that the air pathway becomes as natural as possible. It, therefore, not only elevates the neck upwards but also helps the snorers to have a peaceful sleep.

Not to forget, the pillow also supports the head and shoulders. With the special memory foam filled in it, your shoulder and head muscles will always remain relaxed enough during sleep.

One thing worth mentioning here is that the pillow cradles the neck quite smoothly. As compared to the traditional pillow, EPABO offers measured support and elevation to the neck, thus making sure that side sleepers could get the peaceful sleep they deserve.

Moving forward, the cover uses special bamboo fiber, which is quite breathable and allows proper air circulation. Therefore, your head and neck will remain sweat-free for a long time. Bamboo fiber is quite soothing as well.

In the end, what I loved the most about this anti-snoring pillow is its high-quality zipper. It’s made in such a way that no matter how much you wash it, the zipper’s quality won’t degrade. Not only that, but the hidden mechanism used in it prevents any hiccups or irritation.

If you ask me to rate this pillow on a scale of 1 to 10, then I’d give it a solid 9.5. Why? Because some customers had complaints about the packaging of the pillow. Some of them also said that it doesn’t arrive sealed. So, EPABO needs to worry about this problem as soon as possible.


  • The special natural curve for elevating neck.
  • Reduces snoring.
  • Promotes comfortable sleep.
  • Bamboo fiber cover offers breathability.
  • Hidden zipper makes the pillow smoother enough.
  • Memory foam filling for exceptional support.


  • Poor packaging.
  • Arrives unsealed sometimes.

Bottom Line:

EPABO deserves to be on the 1st position when we talk about the best anti-snore pillows for side sleepers. The way it keeps your neck in a natural position is simply amazing. Simply worth every penny you spend on it.

  1. DMI Wedge Pillow by HealthSmart

HealthSmart has introduced a Wedge Pillow in the market, which is currently selling out like hotcakes, to be honest. I mean, compared to EPABO, this DMI pillow seems quite simple. Yet it does the elevation job quite well and is even more versatile. I’ll explain its versatility later. The first impressions are quite smooth. That said, the pillow is quite smooth, compact, and soft at the same time.

Along with that,

When used below the head, it offers a natural elevation to the neck area. On top of that, it also relaxes shoulders and head muscles, thus helping to reduce snoring quite easily.

The pillow is not meant to reduce snoring only. On the brighter side, it could also reduce acid reflux, allergies, improve respiratory pathways, and help you breathe peacefully.

HealthSmart, on the other hand, uses high-density foam in its pillow. Now the good thing is that it could not only maintain its shape but also contour to different body parts conveniently. Hence, ultimate comfort and relaxation is gained.

Talking of versatility, the best wedge pillow for snoring is not ideal for head and shoulders only. You could use it behind your back to support your spine and lower lumbar area. Moreover, you can also keep it under your legs to relieve calf and leg muscles accordingly.

Breathability is what the DMI Wedge Pillow ensures the most. I mean, the cover is made up of 100% cotton that is extremely perforated and breathable. No matter how long you keep it under your head, you won’t feel any moisture or sweat at all.

I’d like to wind up the discussion with one more feature. The pillow’s cover is machine washable. Whenever it gets dirty, just remove it and rinse it in the washing machine.

Although HealthSmart’s DMI wedge pillow is quite flexible, some customers have still complained about its stiffness. As per their remarks, the pillow is firm to an extent that it won’t flex even a little bit.


Wedge pillow for snoring.

Ideal for side sleepers.

Reduces acid reflux as well.

High density foam maintains firmness.

Breathable and machine washable cotton cover.

Hidden zipper.


Not too stiff.

Non-returnable pillow.

Bottom Line:

HealthSmart’s wedge pillow is currently the top-selling anti-snoring pillow for a reason. It could relax neck muscles by keeping them in a natural position for sure. So, get it before it runs out of stock.

  1. Hullo Buckwheat Pillow

Want to get rid of the pillows containing chemical-based foams? You might get interested in Hullo Buckwheat Pillow and rightly so. This brand uses Buckwheat (plant with grain-like seeds) hull as primary filling material in the pillow. On top of that, the pillow is quite comfortable and supportive. You’d be surprised to hear that it doesn’t even possess and could still reduce snoring without any hassle.

Breaking it down,

The best anti-snoring pillow on the market offers enough elevation to neck, head, and shoulder muscles. It could as well reduce snoring and improve the air pathway at the same time.

Utilizing only buckwheat hulls, this pillow is resistant to foul chemical odors completely. In this context, it’s perfect for people who are allergic to such harmful chemical smells.

The story doesn’t end here! Buckwheat filling being completely organic and natural promotes breathability and improved airflow. Hence, it keeps the pillow cool enough all night. Just place it behind your neck and get the peaceful sleep you deserve without any hurdle.

Meanwhile, the high-quality zipper with a hidden working mechanism keeps the pillow comfortable and smooth enough. You could also machine wash the cover in case it gets dirty.

As a matter of fact, you can easily adjust the shape and thickness of the Hullo Buckwheat. Unlike any traditional pillow, it can contour to any position so as to help you relieve the pain of sore muscles ideally.

The pillow is indeed an antidote to excessive and loud snoring. However, it’s quite expensive compared to the two pillows I’ve discussed up till now. I must also say that the price is quite justified. Once you get a goodnight’s sleep on Hullo Buckwheat, there isn’t any turning back and you’d get used to it instantly.


Uses buckwheat hulls as fillings.

Doesn’t retain heat like traditional pillows.

Adjust its size and thickness.

Remove or add hulls for adjusting the firmness.

Contours to support and elevate head, neck, and shoulders.

Hidden zipper with adjustable loft.

Suitable for relieving back pain too.


Quite expensive.

You might need to purchase extra buckwheat hulls.

Bottom Line:

If you have got no money problems and want to get rid of snoring, then there isn’t anything better than investing in the Hullo Buckwheat pillow. Believe me, you won’t regret this decision for a long time.

  1. Xtreme Comforts Bed Wedge Pillow:

Another way to prevent snoring for side sleepers is to get themselves the Xtreme Comforts Bed Wedge Pillow. Made with a wedge shape, the pillow conforms to the natural neck position, therefore, maintaining the air pathway for a long time. Besides, it uses memory foam as primary filling material, which has its own benefits. All in all, it’s the pillow that you could put all your trust in especially if you suffer a lot from snoring.

First things first,

The best anti-snore pillow for side sleepers features a special 30° angle, which offers enough support to the head and neck area. On the other hand, this angle makes the pillow compatible with the likes of beds and couches, etc.

Moreover, the memory foam filled inside it makes the pillow quite ergonomic, comfortable and properly balanced. Memory foam also resists most of the heat and will keep your neck cool enough all night long.

Using the cover made with 100% natural bamboo fiber, the pillow doesn’t give off any chemical odor. The cover is completely hypoallergenic and could help people sleep with extreme comfort and smoothness.

Apart from the basic features, the pillow offers a simple go-to solution to all muscle-related problems. Be it snoring, sciatica, breathing issues, stomach related problems, or acid reflux, the pillow will serve to be a worthy companion for sure.

Shape retaining along with a life-long warranty makes Xtreme Comforts, one of the best snoring pillows in the market for a reason. But it doesn’t use 7” memory foam as advertised. There’s only an inch of memory foam used with normal foam, and this is where Xtreme Comfort lags big time.


Triangle-shaped pillow for snorers.

Helps side sleepers reduce their snoring.

Contours according to the specific body muscles.

Not too firm or too stiff.

Uses memory foam as primary filling material.

Bamboo fiber cover for easy cleaning and air circulation.

Hypoallergenic pillow for snorers.


Only 1” of memory foam used.

Rest of the material is typical foam.

Bottom Line:

An affordable, comfortable, durable, and snore-reducing pillow indeed! Some minor tweaks are there but what else could you expect from a low-priced snoring pillow. Give it a try and you won’t regret it for sure.

  1. Coop Home Goods Premium Pillow

Coop Home Goods is one of the most reliable pillow brands available right now in the market. This Premium Pillow it has produced has gone wild like jungle fire in recent days. Why? Because it’s been made up of toxic-free materials. Adding to that, side or stomach sleepers could customize the pillow as per their will and wish. On top of that, it’s been certified by multiple orgs including GreenGuard Gold. In a nutshell, this pillow could become an ideal solution to reduce snoring in side sleepers.

For starters,

Coop Premium Pillow comes with a mixture of memory foam and polyester. The 60% polyester enhances the firmness of the pillow whereas memory foam keeps everything cool and soothing enough.

Side zipper included in the pillow could help you customize it easily. Just unzip the pillow, remove or fill the material as per your will and wish and enjoy an anti-snoring sleeping experience for sure.

Certified from the GreenGuard Gold, the pillow undergoes extreme testing to make sure that it doesn’t use any harmful chemical. All certifications point out one thing, i.e., reduced odor in the pillow.

At last, I’d want to talk about the cover which is made up of a special material called Lulltra fabric (derived from bamboo resin). Not only does it increase comfort, but it also ensures proper air circulation.

Coop Home Goods has done a splendid job in making the pillow as stiff as possible. However, in doing so, the stiffness level gets increased and a time comes when the pillow doesn’t offer any firmness. That’s an issue, which needs to be addressed as soon as possible.


Memory foam + polyester fillings for extra comfort.

GreenGuard Gold certification.

Produces less odor compared to other pillows.

Reduces snoring and relieves muscle pain.

Suits the sleeping pattern of side sleepers.

100% refund guarantee with 100 pre-trials.


Way too stiff.

No firmness after some months.

Bottom Line:

The anti-snore pillow for side sleepers from Coop Home Goods is getting the spotlight it deserves. Not only is it hypoallergenic, but it could also improve your overall respiratory pathway mechanism. Worth every penny you spend on it.

  1. Tempur-Pedic Symphony Pillow

With new innovation comes better support and comfort. Same could be said about Tempur-Pedic, which has introduced an exceptional anti-snoring pillow for side sleepers. You could customize it as per your will and wish, you can use it behind your back or under your legs, and you could even hug it to sleep peacefully at night.

Moving towards some major features,

The compact snoring pillow has got dual-sided memory foam layer filling. This ensures due support and elevation to the neck and head area. Moreover, memory foam also keeps air circulation intact.

On the contrary, the pillow comes with two different shapes integrated with a single design. The flatter side suits side sleepers whereas the gently arched side is meant for people who sleep on their back. You can use each side according to your preferences.

So many innovations blended in a single pillow really make you think about whether the pillow can last longer or not. As for Tempur-Pedic, you can expect it to last longer than expected, thanks to its durable and sturdy design.

Last but not the least, the pillow is versatile enough. I’ve tried sleeping on my back, on stomach, and on side while using this pillow and it hasn’t disappointed me even once.

Although this is an updated pillow from Tempur-Pedic, some customers have got their reservations about the filling material. According to some of them, the material isn’t same as that of older versions and that’s something the brand should get concerned about.


Dual-sided memory foam cushioned pillow.

Easy to wash cover.

Compatible with back, stomach, and side sleeping.

Reduces snoring to a larger extend.

Elevates neck for improving air pathway.


Average filling material. (As per some customers)

A bit pricey. (Compared to our top 2 picks)

Bottom Line:

The anti-snoring pillow from Tempur-Pedic is meant to offer you relief and relaxation to your sore shoulders. Get it and enjoy a goodnight’s sleep without any hassle.

  1. SORMAG Memory Foam Pillow

Up next, we have the latest SORMAG Memory Foam Pillow, which uses 100% memory foam material to support your neck and shoulders at the same time. Offering relief from snoring, the pillow meets the demands of side sleepers quite well. It features a wavy shape that could remove all pressure from the neck area thus maintaining its natural shape. The result? A peaceful and relaxed sleep all night long.

The best anti-snore pillow features,

Gel-infused memory foam filling, which conforms to the ideal neck posture and keeps the air pathway as open as possible. On brighter side, the memory foam also contains holes to allow proper air circulation, hence keeping a cool vibe while you sleep.

The special contoured design helps you use the lower or higher edge of the pillow according to your preferences. You could use each edge while keeping comfort and relaxation in mind.

Furthermore, SORMAG uses a soft and plush cover with perforations to keep your neck as comfortable as possible. The cover also features a hidden zipper. You can, therefore, easily remove the cover and machine wash it.

Suffering from sciatica too? You can use this memory foam pillow in between your knees and enjoy a peaceful sleep all night without feeling any pain at all. The versatility of this pillow is what makes it one of the best snoring pillows for side sleepers.


Two-layered pillow.

Lower and higher edge for getting comfort and support.

Maintains proper air pathway thus reducing snores.

Perfect for people who snore a lot.

Gel-infused memory foam filling.

Could be used to relieve sciatica pain.


Leaves distinct odor.

Gets dirty after some time.

Bottom Line:

SORMAG Memory Foam Pillow has the ability to offer you a sleep full of peace and pain relief. Use it either to cure your snoring problem or sciatic pain as it’s already available at an affordable rate.

  1. Brentwood Home Wedge Pillow

Another wedge pillow that can help reduce snoring problem for side sleepers is getting the deserving hype in 2021. The Brentwood Home Therapeutic pillow not only helps reduce snoring, but it can also provide a peaceful night’s sleep to Th side sleepers. That’s what makes it one of the hottest selling anti-snoring pillows on the market.

Starting with some of the basics,

The best anti-snore pillow for side sleepers features a triangle-shaped design with small and thick edges. You can use it to sit up in the bed or as a supportive back pain pillow apart from sleeping.

Other than that, the gradual slope made in the pillow helps reduce the snoring problem as it elevates the neck and balances its position accordingly.

One last thing to mention here is that the pillow is certified from CertiPUR US, which means that it doesn’t use any harmful smelling chemicals. It’s, in short, hypoallergenic and can help allergic people sleep peacefully.


Bamboo fiber cover is machine washable.

Breathable enough anti-snore pillow.

Durable and comfy enough.

Offers a peaceful night’s sleep.

Elevates neck and maintains it ergonomically.


Still gives odor. (Keep in sunlight before using)

Bottom Line:

Brentwood Home Wedge Pillow meets the demands of people who want to use only one pillow for sleeping, reading, and for watching TV. Get this versatile anti-snore pillow and enjoy its perks for many years to come.

  1. Honeydew Side Sleeper Pillow

Honeydew Slide Sleeper Pillow is specifically designed to counter two things, i.e. “Snoring” and sleeplessness. It comes with a simple yet unique shape. Plus, the compactness is quite noticeable. The pillow has got its firmness from premium memory foam filling. Plus, cooling copper is also used to keep sweat away from your body.

Moving further,

The side sleeper pillow also comes with custom adjustability options. You can either increase or decrease the firmness of pillow as per your will and wish.

Adding to that, it offers complete relief to those suffering from neck pain. Just keep it under your neck and enjoy the sleep all night long without snoring or feeling uncomfortable.

Last but not least, the brand offers a 60-day trial with the pillow. In case you still feel some kind of discomfort from pillow, you can return it within 60 days with full refund.


Gel infused memory foam with cooling copper.

Reduces neck pain and snoring.

Prevents pressure on neck.

Suitable for side sleepers suffering from snoring.

Customizable pillow.

Portable and compact.


Not recommended for fat adults.

No other major issues.

Bottom Line:

Honeydew Side Sleeper Pillow can help you sleep peacefully, but it does cost a little bit more than what we’ve discussed above. Check it out if you don’t feel comfortable enough while sleeping on a traditional pillow.

  1. Layla Sleep Kapok Pillow

Ending the anti-snore pillow reviews section with the Layla Sleep Kapok pillow. It features a smooth yet sturdy enough design. The shape retaining option is simply awesome as it allows the pillow to work for a longer time period.

Other than that,

Layla Kapok Pillow comes with memory foam filling combined with Kapok fibers, which is softer, cooler, and more comfortable compared to typical foam pillows.

Besides, the pillow also offers enough breathability, thanks to its perforated CuTEC cover that contains infused copper yarn to maintain a sweat-free environment.

At last, from snoring point of view, you can adjust the pillow under your neck to keep it elevated enough while you sleep on the side. The pillow will also focus on keeping your shoulder muscles relaxed enough so it’s a win-win situation.


100% natural filling material.

No odor or foul chemical smell.

Ideal for reducing snores.

Helps relieve back pain.

Durable and comfortable enough.


No curves on the pillow.

White cover attracts dust easily.

Bottom Line:

One of the best anti-snore pillows for side sleepers from Layla should be considered if you are more into trying 100% natural products.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Anti-Snore Pillows for Side Sleepers:

Choosing an anti-snore pillow especially for side sleepers is quite a headache.

However, you could make the right decision, and that’s only possible when you have background knowledge about snoring pillows.

In this aspect, I’ve formulated this section to help you choose a perfect anti-snoring pillow.

Give it all your attention, especially if you want to land yourself the best snoring pillow for side sleepers.

Take a look:

  1. Filling Material:

First and foremost thing to consider in an anti-snore pillow is its filling material.

It’s better not to choose a pillow with typical foam filling as it’s similar to using a traditional pillow.

Better choose a pillow that comes either with memory foam or polyester filling or a combination of both.

Some luxury pillows also come with 100% natural fillings, i.e. Buckwheat hulls or Kapok fibers. You could also choose them if you are allergic to odors.

In any case, choosing a pillow with worthy filling stuff should be your first priority.

  1. Neck Supportive Design:

Reducing the snores is possible only when the air pathway between your neck and mouth is properly aligned.

For that purpose, you need to invest in a pillow that offers enough support to the neck.

Make sure that it’s not too firm or stiff. A balance of both will allow the pillow to better support your neck.

An elevated neck will mean an improved air pathway, therefore, you could enjoy a peaceful sleep with reduced snores.

Along with the neck, you also need to make sure that the pillow is offering enough support to your shoulders and head.

This way you’d surely get the best anti-snore pillow with the ability to offer extreme comfort to your neck, head, and shoulders for a long time.

  1. Cover of the Pillow:

The first thing you feel whenever you pick a pillow is not the internal filling but its cover.

Now if the cover isn’t smooth or soft enough, there’s no need to investigate further.

Always make sure that the pillow you are about to purchase comes with a perforated, breathable, and machine washable cover. Most of the pillows either have covers made up of bamboo fiber or cotton.

That said, keep these two materials in mind the next time you decide to purchase the best anti-snore pillow for side sleepers.

  1. Zipper Design:

While you choose a pillow for reduced snoring, make sure that it comes with a hidden zipper design.

This will keep you away from the frustration and irritation of keeping your head on the zip of the pillow. A hidden zipper design can easily hide the zip, thus making sure that the pillow remains smooth and soft enough.

  1. Budget:

A range of somewhere around 50 to 100 bucks is more than enough to land yourself a perfect pillow for anti-snoring.

The most expensive pillow available on our list costs somewhere between $100 – $110. Meanwhile, the least expensive pillow costs around $30.

So, that’s the rough budget estimate that you have to keep in your mind before locking in on an anti-snore pillow.

Summing Things Up:

Snoring has no permanent cure and this is where choosing the right pillow could help you.

The list I’ve compiled contains the best-rated pillows for anti-snoring that can easily reduce your snoring even if you are a side sleeper.

Go through them one by one and decide on one that can meet your demands. Or if you are still confused, then simply choose Hullo Buckwheat Pillow. Although it’s a onetime investment, it’d be totally worth it and no I’m not kidding at all.

Good Luck!!


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