10 Best Pillows for Sitting up in Bed 2023 – A User’s Guide

Best Pillows for Sitting up in BedHere’s the thing, “You, my friend, need an extreme level of comfort while reading, when talking to your better half, or while sleeping.” And for that purpose, you need to spend some money getting the best pillow for sitting up in bed.

A sit-up pillow might feature qualities like ergonomic positioning, proper spine and lumbar support, durability, and softness. All in all, it will ensure the due comfort and relaxation you need to keep enjoying reading your favorite books.

Cutting right to the chase, I’ve compiled a list of top 10 sit-up pillows after hours of research and personal testing.

The things I’ve kept in mind are durability, shape retaining quality, supportive backrest, and of course an affordable budget.

Without any further ado, let’s get right back to reviewing the best sitting up in bed pillows of 2021:

Best Pillows for Sitting up in Bed Comparison Table

Kӧlbs Bed Wedge Pillow
Kӧlbs Bed Wedge Pillow
Weight: 6.29 pounds
Dimension: 27 x 7 x 7 inches
Husband Pillow
Husband Pillow
Weight: 9.1 pounds
Dimension: 8.5 x 15 x 31.5 inches
Nestl Bedding Sleeping Pillow
Nestl Bedding Sleeping Pillow
Weight: 1 pounds
Dimension: 14 x 13 x 14 inches
Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow
Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow
Weight: 4.6 Pounds
Dimension: 23 x 9 x 9 inches
Brentwood 557
Brentwood 557
Weight: 4.25 pounds
Dimension: 25 x 25 x 6.8 inches
Milliard Reading Pillow
Milliard Reading Pillow
Weight: 6.82 pounds
Dimension: 14.96 x 11.02 x 17.72 inches
Avana Kind Bed Pillow
Avana Kind Bed Pillow
Weight: 12.57 pounds
Dimension: 32.5 x 24 x 11 inches
AllSet Health Bed Wedge Pillow
AllSet Health Bed Wedge Pillow
Weight: 4.95 Pounds
Dimension: 23.5 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches
TerriTrophy Bed Rest Pillow
TerriTrophy Bed Rest Pillow
Weight: 7.28 pounds
Dimension: 22.2 x 10.3 x 9 inches
Brentwood Therapeutic Wedge Pillow
Brentwood Therapeutic Wedge Pillow
Weight: 3 Pounds
Dimension: 24 x 24 x 10 inches


1. Kӧlbs Bed Wedge Pillow: Best Wedge Pillow With Stylish Chic Cover

Kӧlbs Bed Wedge Pillow


A contemporary design, soft and comforting shape, and the affordable price tag is what Kӧlbs bed pillow is all about. Kӧlbs has made sure that you don’t compromise your posture especially while reading books or sleeping. The pillow is, therefore, designed in a way to help you sit up in bed perfectly.

The pillow, first of all, is available in two height options, i.e. 7.5” and 12” respectively. Besides, it also features a stylish jacquard pillowcase to make your room as beautiful as possible.

More than that, you’d surely enjoy the 1.5” thick memory foam layer present on the top of the pillow. Memory foam not only absorbs sweat but also keeps the body as relaxed as possible. Kӧlbs pillow thus works as a perfect good-night sleeping buddy.

As far as sitting up in the bed is concerned, you can adjust the position of the pillow as per your preferences. Set it up in a vertical position and enjoy a comfortable sitting position while you read your favorite books.

The last thing I’d want you to know about this pillow is its medical-grade benefits. Recommended by the doctors, Kӧlbs sit-up pillow helps people with conditions like heartburn, snoring, or acid reflux to sleep without any hassle.

I, for one, liked the pillow’s shape and the way it offers support, especially to the back area. However, some customers do have complaints about the awful packaging in which the pillow comes. According to them, “This narrow packaging distorts the shape of the pillow, which is quite disturbing.”



  • Two height options available.
  • Perfect for lumbar and back support.
  • Pillow’s position could be adjusted.
  • Thick memory foam layer for a peaceful sleep.
  • Ideal for people with medical conditions.
  • Best pillow for snoring.


  • Distorted shape due to narrow packaging.
  • A bit smelly. (Not common with all pillows though)

Final Verdict

Overall, the best pillow for sitting up in bed from Kӧlbs offers a satisfactory performance. The pillow could be used either for sitting up ergonomically or for sleeping all night long easily. My two cents? Get it as soon as possible!


2. Husband Pillow: Best Rest Pillow with Arms

Husband Pillow


A pillow literally named, “Husband” literally does the same job as that of a hubby when both the partners are lying on the bed. (Pun Intended). Anyways, I loved this pillow not because it’s named Husband Pillow, but due to its design and durability. Husband Pillow features a proper backrest, unlike the pillow we mentioned above.

Plus, it does offer two comfortable arms where you can rest with ease while keeping all your focus on reading a book.

Other than that, you’d absolutely love the versatility of the pillow. It comes with an inner zipper that could be used either to remove or add foam. Thus you can make changes to the position of the pillow and adjust it as per your will.

Along with other features, the pillow ain’t too bulky. I mean you can easily carry it around from one place to another without facing any problem. It’s simply THAT much portable.

Filled with premium memory foam, Husband Pillow has only one motive, “To offer you the comfort you deserve.” Use it and you’ll never have to face back pain for many years to come.

The ease of cleaning, at last, is what makes it a perfect support pillow for sitting. Special design and shape of the pillow allow you to clean it within minutes and that’s something exceptional.

Compared with Kӧlbs, Husband pillow is a bit overpriced, but it’s justified considering the arms and backrest it got. However, some users have also complained about the foul chemical smell of the pillow. It fades away in a couple of weeks though so nothing to worry about.



  • Memory foam fillings make the sitting comfortable.
  • Inner zip for adjusting the pillow’s position.
  • Retains its shape even after a long time.
  • Padded backrest and arms for sheer comfort.
  • Portable enough.
  • Money-back warranty coverage.


  • Bad chemical smell. (Fades away gradually)
  • A bit pricey.

Final Verdict

Husband Pillow is all about feeling comfy and relaxed while you sit up in the bed. The padded arms and backrest it features, are really helpful in making you enjoy your book reading. Check it out if you’ve got enough money to spend on it.


3. Nestl Bedding Sleeping Pillow: Best Extra Large Back Pillow With Neck Roll

Nestl Bedding Sleeping Pillow


Up next we have the Nestl Bedding Sleeping Pillow, which has the same shape as that of the Husband Pillow. However, it does differ in qualities and the type of stuff used in its filling. For instance, the pillow offers complete neck and backrest support. Not only that, but the neck and lumbar support paddings could also be removed.

What I’m trying to imply here is that the best pillow for sitting in bed is quite portable. The handle works like cherry on top and helps you move it anywhere you want.

Coming towards the fillings, Nestle Bedding claims of using the super-premium memory foam material in the pillow. It’s quite breathable and offers a Plush feeling at the same time.

On the other hand, the proper support that this pillow offers is just staggering. Adjust its position and enjoy a relaxing and comfortable book reading for hours without feeling any pain.

Well, here’s the bonus feature! One of the best sit-up pillows also comes with 3 extra pockets. You can use these compartments to store your important essentials such as a smartphone, earbuds, or a TV remote.

A huge variety of color variations allows you to customize your bedroom as per your will and wish. Choose from 44 different colors and enjoy a comfortable yet aesthetic sitting up experience while using the Nestle bedding Pillow.

To be honest, there isn’t a single problem with the pillow as per my personal testing. However, the customer support is a bit weird. The manufacturer needs to be more active in this aspect or it’ll get disastrous for Nestl Bedding in future.



  • Two detachable pillows included.
  • Proper back and neck rest.
  • Padded arms for extra comfort.
  • Super breathable memory foam.
  • For sitting up in an ergonomic position.
  • Amazing shape retaining for a long time.


  • Poor customer support.
  • A bit expensive. (Compared to Kӧlbs pillow)

Final Verdict

Perfect from almost every aspect, Nestl Bedding has done a splendid job in introducing a perfect sitting up pillow for book reading freaks. Check it out before it’s too late.


4. Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow: Best Triangle Shaped Pillow for Reading

Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow


Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow offers two qualities confined in one package. Not only does it allow you to sleep peacefully, but you can also use it to sit on your bed with convenience. The pillow features a shape similar to that of Kӧlbs pillow. Besides, it comes with some extra detachments that you can use to adjust its position accordingly. The price? It’s quite justified considering the number of features it offers.

For starters, the best bed pillow for sitting comes with a foldable wedge. You can detach it from the pillow and use it behind your head, back, or under the legs for the comfort you deserve.

In addition to that, Xtra-Comfort uses breathable memory foam as a top layer to keep everything cool and sweat-free. The cover also is easy to clean and wash at the same time.

Not to forget, the pillow from Xtra-Comfort offers a peaceful sleep to those with medical conditions such as snoring, allergies, or nose blockage.

Talking of the versatility, you can use the pillow to sleep comfortably as it comes with an ergonomic slope. On top of that, you could adjust the pillow to support your legs as well.

Last but not least, the brand offers a 60-day money back guarantee so you purchase it with a peaceful mind. You could return the pillow with a full refund in case it fails to satisfy your needs.

Some minor tweaks, however, include a unique smell that won’t go away even after months. Plus, some customers have also complained about the flatness but I guess that’s more of a shipment fault.



  • 3-in-one pillow for sitting in bed.
  • Offers a peaceful sleep.
  • Could be used as a support for legs.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • Durable enough.
  • Retains its shape for a long time.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • Smells horrible.
  • Comes in flat according to some customers.

Final Verdict

The 3-in-1 sit-up pillow from Xtra-Comfort is getting the spotlight it deserves. You could use it for reading, for sleeping or for comforting your legs without spending a lot of money. Worth every penny you spend on it!


5. Brentwood 557: Best Firm Pillow for Sitting up in Bed

Brentwood 557


Need a portable, stylish, and comfortable sitting pillow at a justified price tag? You might want to consider getting the brand new Brentwood 557. This stylish cum comfy pillow helps people maintain their posture while they sit in the bed. Adding to that, the extra padded arms will surely allow you to relax as per your preferences.

Starting with some basics, the pillow is made up of 100% polyester. Using polyester ensures due comfort without impacting the shape of the pillow for a long time. Plus, it’s breathable enough.

The best pillow for sitting in bed also comes with a prebuilt durable handle. It makes transportation easy. Hence, you can move it around from one room to another without actually grabbing it as a whole.

One thing that’s for sure is that the pillow offers complete support to the back and lumbar area. With great comfort comes relaxation utilizing which you can read books or watch TV all day long in your bed.

Ease of cleaning is yet another important feature that you should not miss out on in this pillow. Brentwood 557 with 100% polyester requires a damp cloth for proper cleaning.

More than that the pillow is versatile enough. You can use it as a hugging pillow to sleep at night. Or you can use it to sit in a firm position in your bed all day long.

Although I liked the pillow overall, one thing that concerned me was the limited color variety. Only 5 to 6 different colors are available, unlike the other sit-up pillow brands that I’ve mentioned above.



  • Durable handle for easy transport.
  • Comes with padded arms.
  • Offers proper back support.
  • Maintains an ergonomic posture.
  • Retains its shape for a long time.


  • No memory foam means less comfort.
  • Limited color variations.

Final Verdict

Brentwood 557 is the ultimate choice for those who face issues while trying to sit up in bed for a long time. Get it and say goodbye to chronic or short-term back pain easily.


6. Milliard Reading Pillow: Best Pillow for Sitting up in Bed Overall (Our Top Pick)

Milliard Reading Pillow


The pillow from Milliard has to be the cheapest option available in the market up till now. Featuring a sleek and flexible body, Milliard Reading Pillow is meant for bookworms without any doubt. On the other hand, it’s way too affordable compared to the pillows I’ve discussed above. A win-win situation for sure!

The basic features include the memory foam top layer, which is not only breathable but can also keep you comfortable enough.

I really enjoyed the flexibility of the pillow. You can curve it fold it or adjust its position at almost every angle possible. On top of that, even with such flexibility, the shape won’t distort for many years to come.

The reading pillow also allows you to control its firmness. You can either take out the stuff or put it back in to increase or decrease its firmness accordingly. It’s totally up to you whether you want a firm pillow or not.

Convenient carrying handle, on the other hand, increases portability and allows you to move it anywhere you want.

The removable cover could be washed in a single go. You could also take the service of a damped cloth to remove visible dust or debris off the pillow.

In the end, I’d want to praise the safety and protection that Milliard offers in its reading pillow. That is, the material used doesn’t make any smell as the brand uses vacuum to improve the freshness of pillow.



  • Padded arms included.
  • Relieves back pain.
  • Durable and safe to use.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Compatible with machine wash.
  • Breathable memory foam.


  • Available in Grey color only.
    No other major issues.

Final Verdict

The best budget pillow for sitting up in bed without a single doubt! You should be getting the Milliard Reading Pillow, especially if you love reading and watching movies with comfort and convenience.


7. Avana Kind Bed Pillow: Best Orthopedic Support Pillow

Avana Kind Bed Pillow


Although a little bit expensive, but what Avana Kind Bed Comfort System offers is simply exceptional. You could think of it as a complete bed with proper position adjustment settings. The four pieces work together to help you maintain a comfortable position while watching TV or reading a book, etc.

The wedge pillow system offers proper alignment. It adjusts the neck, spine, and lumbar naturally to remove any discomfort while you enjoy reading your book or a movie.

Plus, the premium memory foam installed just do wonders, especially when you have to spend a lot of time in bed.

Perfect for people recovering from the injury! Just adjust the positions as per their comfort level and let them recover in peace once and for all.

Avana Kind Bed Pillow is perfect for sitting up in the bed. You can use it to sit up for many hours without hurting your back or lumbar area.

Breathability is what the best pillow for watching TV in bed is all about. The micro-velvet fabric used on top has air circulation channels that keep the air moving in and out to keep you away from sweat all the time.

As I already mentioned above, you won’t find anything more advanced than the Avana Kind Bed Pillow system. However, I must say that it’s quite expensive. Make sure that you have enough money to spend on it.



  • 4 piece wedge pillow system for reading and watching TV.
  • Ideal for patients recovering from injuries.
  • Extremely durable and plush memory foam system.
  • Offers complete leg support.
  • Keeps body in a natural position.


  • Expensive enough.
  • Not easy to transport. (All pieces together)

Final Verdict

You need the complete comfort system, you get the Avana Kind Bed Pillow with closed eyes. Believe me, you won’t regret this decision for many years to come.


8. AllSet Health Bed Wedge Pillow: Best Back Support Pillow

AllSet Health Bed Wedge Pillow


The multipurpose sit up pillow from AllSet Health is available at a reasonable budget and offers a plethora of features. To start with some basics, the pillow offers at least 7 different adjusting positions. You can use it for sleeping, for keeping your legs comforted, or for reading books and watching TV with minor adjustments.

There is more than that!

AllSet Health Bed Pillow features a 100% polyester made core, which is extremely soft and breathable at the same time. The flexibility is well up to the mark and helps the pillow retains its shape for a long time.

Other than that, you can use the integrated handle installed in the pillow for easy transportation. Moving it around from one room to another gets easier than expected.

Plus, the removable cover is compatible with machine wash. After it starts getting dirty, simply unzip the cover and give it a fine wash with the detergent of your choice.

Finally, you’d be happy to know that the best pillow for sitting up in the bed is ODOR free. Yeah, I’ve tested this pillow multiple times and it didn’t give off any chemical smell no matter how roughly I used it.



  • Multipurpose sitting up pillow.
  • Adjustable in 7 different positions.
  • Suitable for avoiding back pain while sitting.
  • 100% polyester construction.
  • Shape-retaining is good enough.
  • Odor-free pillow.


  • Poor packaging and shipment.
  • No warranty coverage.

Final Verdict

An average-looking pillow yet loaded with features that could help you sit up in bed without facing any discomfort. Better options are available though!


9. TerriTrophy Bed Rest Pillow: Best Top Rated Pillow for Sitting up in Bed

TerriTrophy Bed Rest Pillow


Second last option left on our list comes from TerriTrophy. The pillow surely has impressed peeps who want to sit in the bed all day long or sleep peacefully at night. Featuring a detachable neck pillow along with padded arms, the package offers complete comfort and relaxation at a reasonable rate.

For starters, the best pillow for sitting up in bed features 100% cotton filling. To put that into perspective cotton offers a sense of smoothness and comfort combined with awesome breathability.

The detachable neck pillow offers extreme support to the neck area. You can attach it to the pillow in order to enjoy working without facing any discomfort.

TerriTrophy also offers a special storage bag along with the pillow. You can use it to carry the pillow anywhere you go easily.

In a nutshell, the pillow will keep you comforted enough. Just make sure that you adjust its position before sitting up in the bed.



  • Detachable padded neck support.
  • Padded arms for extra comfort.
  • 100% cotton fillings.
  • Washable cover.
  • Storage bag included for easy transport.
  • Waterproof material.


  • A bit oversized.
  • Not for weighty adults.

Final Verdict

TerriTrophy Bed Pillow is best meant to keep you comfortable enough while you sleep or sit up for many hours in the bed. Check it out if you aren’t interested in any other pillow I mentioned above.


10. Brentwood Therapeutic Wedge Pillow: Best Budget Pillow for Sitting up in Bed

Brentwood Therapeutic Wedge Pillow


We’d wrap up the pillow review section with one last model from Brentwood. The special therapeutic pillow is designed to improve the sleep pattern of people. However, you could use it as a full-fledged sit up pillow without any hassle. Featuring durable construction, the pillow is meant to last longer than most of its competitors.

Other than that, it helps the patients suffering from snoring, allergies, or acid reflux get a calm sleep at night.

The wedge shape helps to keep the spine and lumbar area in a natural position. Therefore, it directly ensures due comfort so that you could keep on working or doing the things you love.

Furthermore, the washable bamboo cover is breathable enough. You can also remove any foreign debris or dust from it while using a damp cloth.

Apart from using it for back support, you might as well utilize it to keep your legs relaxed enough. Adjust it under your calves and enjoy resting your legs without any hassle.



  • Helps patients suffering from snoring and acid reflux.
  • Ergonomic pillow for reading.
  • Durable, washable bamboo cover.
  • Memory foam fillings.
  • Suitable for comforting legs.


  • A little smaller than advertised (10 inches)
  • No other major issues.

Final Verdict

Brentwood Therapeutic Wedge Pillow is available at an affordable rate. Plus, it is compact and soft enough to keep you relieved from back pain. Choose it and enjoy endless comfort all day long.



Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Pillow for Sitting Up in Bed?

The choice ain’t always easy when it comes to deciding on getting a sit-up pillow.

You have to keep some important features in mind as, without a proper pillow, you won’t stand a chance of getting yourself comfortable in the bed.

This is where this section will come in handy.

Give this buying guide a thorough read and I’m sure you’d find yourself a perfect pillow to either read books or watch movies while sitting in the bed.

Have a look:

  1. Type of Material Used in Filling:

A sitting up pillow usually comes in with memory foam filling. Out of all materials, memory foam works like a charm and it keeps you comfortable enough. Besides, it’s quite breathable and is soft enough.

Similarly, some pillows might use polyester, which is light in weight, breathable, and extremely soft. However, it can’t keep your back dry for a long time and this is where memory foam overtakes it.

Finally, some pillows might have cotton fillings. Cotton also offers comfort and support to the back and has many air circulation channels available. But it gets irritating with time.

Of all the materials used, I suggest choosing a pillow with memory foam used in it as primary material. You won’t feel irritated or sweaty as memory foam would keep you and your back comfortable enough for a long time.

  1. Durability:

Durability doesn’t only mean that the pillow you purchase has to last longer than expected. It also means that the pillow must retain its shape for a long time.

You see, a pillow will offer you no support or cushioning as soon as it starts distorting. The padded foam will degrade to an extent that you won’t be able to get any benefit from it.

This is one of the reasons I ask my fellows to pay heed to the core construction of the pillow.

To remain on the safe side, better invest in something that has warranty coverage. I’ve mentioned many pillows that offer either a money-back guarantee or a year of warranty coverage to ensure peace of mind.

  1. Safety:

Next thing to consider while looking for the best sit-up pillow is safety. Make sure that the pillow you choose doesn’t give off any odor or chemical smell.

Many pillows have got strong odor as soon as you unbox them. Better keep them open in a room for a few days so that the odor fades away with time.

Or, you could purchase the pillows from reputable brands, especially if you are suffering from a pollen allergy.

That’s all there is to discuss with the safety.

  1. Portability:

I get it. Sit-up pillows are usually bulky enough. But you need to know that portability matters a lot.

You must be able to move that specific pillow from one place to another without much hassle.

This is where you need to look out for the pillows with a prebuilt handle. You could use it to transport the pillow from one place to another quite easily.

  1. Easy to Clean:

Last but not least, the pillow you want to purchase should come with a washable cover.

This way, it will get easier for you to machine wash the cover and use it again and again.

A washable cover also means that the pillow won’t contain any bacteria or microorganisms as soon as you wash them.

Plus, the pillow will look like you’ve just ordered it. See? This tiny little feature would help you stay germ-free and comfortable enough for a long time.

Summing Things Up:

Being a person who works all day from bed, I know how hard it is to cope up with back pain.

Getting the best pillow for sitting up in bed really helped me increase my productivity. Plus, now I work with peace, calmness, and due comfort at the same time.

This is the reason I recommend you to choose the pillow you like the most from the list I’ve mentioned above.

Or if you are still confused, then simply go for Kӧlbs Bed Wedge Pillow. I’m using it since the start of 2020 and so far it’s doing quite well.

Got any questions? Drop them down in the comment box and I’ll respond to them as soon as possible.


Top Rated Pillows for Sitting Up in Bed

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