Different Types of Pregnancy Pillows and How to Use them?

Different Types of Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnant ladies find it quite difficult to sleep. If you are desperate to have a comfortable sleep, then do explore the different types of pregnancy pillows and get the one according to your needs. This way, you will have a perfect amount of support and comfort. Such pillows comfort the body of pregnant ladies and help in relieving the pressure points. Moreover, they prevent muscle strains.

Different Types of Pregnancy Support Pillows For Maternity

The growing baby inside the belly puts a great amount of stress on the body. In such a case, the pregnant women need to have a pillow that can offer them much-needed support and also maximum the blood flow to the placenta.


This tapered piece of foam offers belly support. You can also use it on you back to prevent rolling over. It can be used under the head, too, in order to elevate the upper body. This is a supportive product and not a standalone pillow. It usually comes in a triangular or round shape. It is portable and quite inexpensive. Moreover, it consumes less space.

The Full-body Pregnancy Pillow

The full body pregnancy pillow offers you a head to knees support. It is versatile, and you can use it after pregnancy too. Furthermore, it is straight and flexible. The pillow is a single unit and is thus much easy to maintain. You can place it on the side and snuggle against it too. Moreover, you can place your knees over it to keep your hips parallel.

C shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Their shape is of the letter ‘C.’ Such pillows replace the need for multiple pillows. One end of the pillow cradles your head, aligns your back in a downward direction, and goes between the knees. This way, it keeps the hip parallel.

Its larger end goes under the head while the smaller one goes between the knees. Such pillow offers complete body support.

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

It offers you a front and back support and keeps you in a correct position throughout the night. Such pillows offer you maximum support. To use it, place the U bottom area between the knees to keep the hips parallel. One side of the U runs on the front while the other one runs along the back. The top position of the U shaped pregnancy pillow cradles your head. You can curl up inside with such a pillow.

J Shaped Pillow

It is smaller in size than the U shaped pillow and doesn’t come with the extra side. Such a pillow offers an impressive neck, head, and back support.

How to Use a Pregnancy Support Pillow?

Under the Belly

If you a side sleeper, then place the wedge-shaped, a full length, or a U shaped under your belly. This will relax your back muscles and support the belly.

Between Legs and Arms

Wrap your arms around a full length or a U shaped pillow. The center part will be supporting your belly. Placing the two between arms and legs relieves tension in the ankle and knee joints.


You can wrap U, C, or a J shaped pillow around your back. Such a position offers upper back, lower back, and pelvic support. Moreover, it prevents you from rolling over. The pregnancy pillow for back support allows you to sleep in a correct posture too. You can also try the back stomach sleeper pillows.

Head and Neck Support

Placing a wedge-shaped pillow under the head offers impressive head and neck support. This also relieves heartburn and acid reflux.

Tips For Buying a High-quality Pillow

  • Get the polystyrene foam or hollow fiber filling.
  • It is better to have a lightweight full body maternity pillow as it contours to your body easily.
  • Try a body-conforming pillow.
  • Get the one with a removable cover as it is quite easy to clean.
  • Get the right size according to your height.
  • Look for a firm pillow as it keeps its shape for a longer time.


Pregnant ladies experience uncomfortable and painful sleep patterns and struggle to get a good sleep with their growing belly. As life starts growing inside the womb, they feel increasing pain and aches in their bodies. Moreover, this also puts some pressure on the joints.

The best solution to such issues is the pregnancy pillow. There are different types of pregnancy body pillows that offer impressive comfort and help you enjoy a deep sleep throughout the night. This is no doubt a great investment as it relieves the aches, pain, and other pregnancy discomforts.

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