Best Pillows for Neck Support & Pain 2019 Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Going to bed after hectic day does not just mean that you lie on the bed and close your eyes.

These sleeping hours mean that your body and mind take refuge in a bed that is as comfortable as the mother’s lap. All the bed accessories have to be chosen with great care. The most significant of all these are the people.

Most of the people complain about a stiff and painful neck when they wake up in the morning. At the same time, the neck issues are becoming really a common problem among people of all ages. To get rid of the similar issues it is important to buy a perfect pillow that can help in keeping the neck in the right position and at the same time can help in curing the neck complications.

Usually, the neck pillows are referred to as the ergonomic cervical pillows that play a pivotal role in alleviating neck pain of all sorts. These pillows come in different sizes and shapes. The materials inside the neck pillows are also of different types. In case of serious and complicated cervical issues, the medical advice becomes a must. If you are planning to buy the best neck pillows the following review can be of great help.

Top 10 Best Pillows for Neck Support, Pain & Headaches 2019 Reviews

In order to make the perfect choice for your sleep time, the following table can assist you. This table has all the details that are required to get the perfect neck support pillow.

Product 1 : Water pillow by Mediflow

Water pillow by Mediflow

If you are not able to sleep well every night or you are constantly facing the whiplash then this magically comfortable is exactly what you need. This Mediflow creation is the first ever created complete water pillow. It emerged after a vigorous research of more than two decades. This Mediflow water pillow facilitates the user by adjusting to the head movements. In this way, the neck remains in the perfect posture. The interior of the pillow comes with a soft plump year supported by the water base. The user has the choice to alter the firmness of the low by adding or removing the water.  People who are restless all through the night due to uncomfortable pillows find it very accommodating and supporting as it does not need continuous fluffing and stuffing throughout the night.


  • Has a comfortably big size of 28 x 20 x 4.5 inches
  • Can adjust to all body postures while in the bed.
  • Filled with the adjustable water level.
  • Comes with a high quality fully sealed and insulated water pouch covered with resilient Dacron Hollofil fiber layer.
  • Covered in the user acclaimed hypoallergenic cotton shell,
  • Comes with a 30-day user satisfaction guarantee and a three-year manufacturing guarantee.

Water pillow by Mediflow


  • Relieves neck pain by adjusting to the posture.
  • Easy to alter firmness due to water filling.
  • Proper guideline for the cup measurements.
  • Comfortable pillow temperature all through the night.


  • Bothers because of the sloshes.

Product 2: Coop Shredded Hypoallergenic Certipur Memory Foam Pillow

Coop Shredded Hypoallergenic Certipur Memory Foam Pillow

Most of the people find the morning very difficult. It is because of the improper pillows and the posture. Usually, the complaint is about the neck and the back pain. In order to resolve this concern the coop shredded hypo allergic certipur memory foam pillow is a great choice. The pillow can easily adjust to any posture. This gives complete relief to the neck and the back while sleeping. The pillow’s added feature is the airflow that allows the air to pass through it all through the night. Therefore it maintains a healthy temperature for the user. Besides extreme comfort and extraordinary materials, the pillow maintains complete hygienically conditions. It is easy to wash in the washing machine for clean and healthy sleeping hours. It is an excellent option for a reasonable budget. The pillow is an excellent choice for the health freaks and for those who constantly change their posture while sleeping.  People who turn and twist frequently in the bed have to have restuffed the pillow many times throughout the night. Coop pillow helps in preventing this bothering activity.


  • Cover made of polyester the bamboo extracted Rayon.
  • Eco-friendly
  • hypoallergenic & dust mite resistant
  • Can be conveniently washed in the washing machine for a cleaner outer cover.
  • Measures 20×36 inches in total.

Coop Shredded Hypoallergenic Certipur


  • Supports deep sleep.
  • Allows better ventilation
  • Meets Certipur standards
  • Adjustable pillow
  • 30 day trial period


  • Too firm for some users.

Product 3: Xtreme Comfort Kool Flow Hypo allergic Bed Pillow for Side Sleeper

Xtreme Comfort Kool Flow Hypo allergic Bed Pillow for Side Sleeper

For those who want to end up their day with a peaceful sleep, Xtreme Comfort has created this miracle pillow.  It is an excellent head pillow for a bed. The user can choose from different sizes as per his age and weight. The minimum size is 24×7 inches and the maximum is the 18x33x7 inches. The comfort of the pillow is further enhanced by the filling of the memory foam. Regardless of how much time you spend on the pillow, it is extremely comfortable as it does not allow the temperature to increase because of the well-vented cover. The cover fabric is constituted out of rayon, polyester, and spandex. It is very easy to clean as zipper allows easy removal of the pillow cover.


  • Filled with high-quality memory foam
  • Eco-friendly pillow cover with the bamboo rich region.
  • Easy to clean
  • Created in the United States
  • CertiPUR certified memory foam without any toxic elements.
  • Easy to remove and clean liner.
  • Pillow firmness can be adjusted.

Xtreme Comfort Kool Flow Hypo allergic


  • Supports the head well in the sideways direction.
  • Can be dried up in any dryer without losing the shape.
  • Extremely comfortable while in use.
  • Ventilated enough to prevent a rise in temperature.
  • Firmness can be customized.


  • Zip can go out of order

Product 4: Memory Foam Pillow Contour for Back Pain, Neck and Travel

Memory Foam Pillow Contour for Back Pain, Neck and Travel

For many people, the budget matters a great deal. Even when it comes to pillows they want to get the best pillows at the least possible price. It is not necessary that a fancy and well-decorated pillow is the only option that can give you the best comfort while sleeping. A simple yet ergonomically created pillow is more helpful. Memory foam pillow contour is a similar option.  It is an ideal pillow created out of the most recent and modern granulated surface technology. The head stays in a complete comfort zone while on the pillow because of the central convex shape. As the pillow cover gets untidy the user can comfortably remove it from the pillow and then wash it thoroughly.  It is a longer lasting pillow that can stay on your bed for a very long time. It maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the night. It is extremely appreciated for the dual lobe design which helps in getting rid of the neck pain, shoulder misalignment, snoring and other sinus-related problems.  It includes the German memory foam. The pillow’s reliability cannot be questioned after its certification from the Bureau Veritas.


  • Perfect fit for all heads due to the dual lobe design
  • Head massage due to the specialized granulated surface.
  • Does not get flat after a few days
  • High-quality premium German memory foam
  • Mite and allergy proof easy to clean pillow cover
  • Perfect shape to cradle the head.
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Equally good for the back pain

Memory Foam Pillow


  • Head maintains a comfortable temperature
  • Keeps the spine I perfect alignment.
  • Improves the blood circulation in the head region.
  • Can be used while traveling and during the pregnancy


  • Very hard for people other than side sleepers
  • Foam not very long

Product 5: My Pillow Premium Series Bed Pillow

My Pillow Premium Series Bed Pillow

It is a highly comfortable and stylish option available in the market for those who love to put their head on the poly filled pillow. The pillow is so well stuffed that it does not get flat very quickly as it happens in case of the traditional polyester pillow. On one hand, it supports the head in a proper manner and on the other it keeps the head comfortable due to the temperature control. As the head stays in its position perfectly, therefore, the body feels relaxed in the morning. In conventional pillows, the neck remains very restless. This at the end results in overstressed nerves. The aftermath is a migraine, leg and neck pain, sore shoulders and much more. The body stays in a perfect position. Therefore it is equally good for the spine and the back. This high-quality polyester pillow is created in the USA. The pillow offers excellent buoyancy due to the open cell design. As the air flow is maintained therefore the pillow remains cool.


  • Can be easily washed
  • Retains the shape well
  • Comes in four different loft choices
  • Acclaimed for the patented interlocking fill

My Pillow Premium Series


  • Holds the head properly in perfect place
  • Retains the shape for a long time
  • Maintains the comfortable temperature
  • Can alter the shape according to the changing body posture


  • Makes rustling noise while being used

Product 6: Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Contour Pillow

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Contour Pillow

As the name says these pillows have added innovation to the sleep industry. This high-quality pillow comes at a very reasonable price that makes it a perfect choice in this range. The contouring is done in an unusual way that maximizes the comfort by allowing the head to stay in the perfect position all through the night. The Sleep innovation contour pillow has two portions in the pillow. The combination of this height and then the low side ensures that the head is resting in a comfortable manner. Those having allergy problems also stay safe on these pillows as the covers are free of the antiallergic materials. The manufacturers ensure that the cover stays clean after multiple usages. The cotton-based cover can be comfortable removed and washed in all kinds of washing machines. The filling of the memory foam is equally user-friendly as it is breathable and can maintain the comfortable temperature.


  • Therapeutical support to the neck, thus keeping the nerves in healthy condition.
  • Foam can take up the shape of the head
  • Gentle alignment of the pillow around the head and the neck region
  • Come in two options of low and high contours
  • Made in the United States
  • Measures 8 x 14.2 x 4.8 inches
  • 5 years limited warranty

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam


  • Stays in well-defined shape for long
  • Comes In two different sizes
  • Allergy resistant cotton cover
  • Budget-friendly


  • Standard size is too small.

Product 7: Core Products Tri-Core Pillow Full Size – Standard Firm Support

Core Products Tri-Core Pillow Full Size - Standard Firm Support

When we talk of the orthopedic pillows one of the most reliable names that we often come across is that of the Core products international Inc. this leading pillow manufacturing company has always created some awesome pillows to give a peaceful sleep all through the night. The full-size Tri-core pillow helps in overcoming all kinds of neck pains. The shape is such that the person on the pillow feels as if the head is being cradled. The buyers might not get the option of buying from the multiple sizes but the available size is sufficiently large to hold the heads of all sizes.


  • Customized to suit all sleeping styles
  • Soft touch 100% cotton cover
  • Trapezoid shape
  • Created in the United States
  • Comes in only one size
  • Has a measurement of 24×16 inches
  • Weighs about 454 grams in total

Core Products Tri-Core Pillow


  • Takes care of neck, head, and spinal pain.
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft touch cotton cover
  • Retains shape due to the springy fiber


  • Standard size is too small.

Product 8: Arc4life Cervical Neck Traction Pillow for Sleeping

Some people love to create unique things. Apparently, a pillow is merely a bedtime accessory, but this notion limits the use and advantages of the pillows. Arc4Life pillows are a great option in this context. They have always desired to create the best options for those who want to enjoy the amazing sleeping hours. The innovative V-shaped cervical traction pillow is a great friend in the bed. It keeps the head in a perfect position and places it at a desirable distance from the shoulders. This in return keeps the body in a comfortable posture. It is also fitted with a neck roll that gives a gentle support to the neck. Those who frequently change sides while sleeping enjoys the wings attached to the pillows. These soft wings reduce the stress on the head and the surrounding regions.


  • Weighs only 1.5 pounds in weight
  • Can be bought in large, medium and small sizes
  • Well stitched pillow filled with the high-quality polyester fiber
  • Easy to wash and easy to clean pillow cover

Arc4life Cervical Neck Traction Pillow


  • Comfortable and great fit for all heads
  • Great traction to support the spine
  • A unique shape to support the head and the neck
  • Great for those who sleep at the back


  • Takes time to get used to the sleep time routine

Product 9: Chiroflow waterbased pillow

Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow

It is a must to have a healthy sleep before actually starting the new day. The major reason for the problem sleep is the uncomfortable pillow. The innovative and the comfortable way of sleeping are being ensured by the Chiroflow that has added the waterbase pillow to its collection. This easy to fill pouch makes a great sleep companion. Its worth is proved by the clinical studies that reveal that it has reduced the pain and the discomfort to a greater extent. The two different sizes make it great for different people with different head sizes. It works more like a therapy for the best sleep. The best feature is the thermal insulation that keeps the pillow at a perfect temperature. It is filled with the unique Dacron fiber.


  • Has an adequately comfortable size of 25.2×16.9×5.4 inches
  • Weighs 1.81 pounds
  • Tested by the John Hopkins University
  • Filled with extremely comfortable fiber padding
  • Maintains the room temperature for sleeping with ease
  • Covered with the 300 thread cotton

Chiroflow waterbased pillow


  • Does not flatten easily
  • Easy to clean and care
  • Can be covered with any standard size pillow cover
  • Hypoallergic
  • Tested by reliable health centers


  • Feels heavy due to water
  • Can be uncomfortable for some days

Product 10: Conforma Memory Foam Pillow

Conforma Memory Foam Pillow

It is one of the popular pillows added to the catalog of the creations by the Classic Brands. Although it does not look much different from the ordinary pillows the functions are really outstanding. Despite being the dense memory pillow it is well ventilated to keep the head and neck in the best position with a comfortable temperature. The users find it quite relaxing due to the extraordinary support to the head and the neck.


  • Excellent option for side and back sleepers
  • Created with the pressure relief technology
  • Ensures complete comfort of the head
  • Filled with the medium plush filling
  • Comes in the king and the queen sizes measuring 16x27x5 inches and 16x33x5 inches respectively.
  • Limited warranty of three years.

Conforma Memory Foam Pillow


  • Ensures better airflow
  • Easy to clean soft cotton pillow covers
  • Highly relaxing for stiff necks


  • Not easy to reshape
  • Spot cleaning required for the filling

Buyer’s Guide to Best Pillows for Neck Support, Pain & Headaches 2019

Neck connects head to rest of the body; it contains various structures of immense significance such as muscles, bones, tendons, fascia, ligaments, nerves, and most importantly spinal cord (part of central nervous system). Neck carries head with the support of just 7 small cervical vertebrae.

Muscles move the neck in various directions. Ligaments and tendons stabilise the neck during these movements. Spinal cord, passes through cervical vertebrae, conveys messages from body to higher centres (i.e. brain).For upkeep the neck, these structures should be in good working order. Any compression or uneasiness can alter the biomechanics of neck results in various neck problems. Pillows have significant influence on neck stability, improper pillows can effect adversely on cervical spine, cause aches and pains in your neck and shoulder when you wake up from sleep.

Here we discuss about the tips to choose the best pillows to support the neck.


  • Either hard, soft or firm. Hard pillows can be used for other purposes but for sleeping purpose soft, firm pillows should be used in order to maintain neck stability. Proper contouring provides well supported area for neck throughout the night.

Filling of pillow:

  • Pillows may be filled with wool, latex, cotton, polyester, shredded foam, Styrofoam, memory foam.
  • The higher the amount of filling the higher the longevity of pillow, and greater will be its quality.


  • Huge or extra large pillows elevate neck awfully leads to aches and pains in the neck region.
  • A normal sized pillow with accurate size of cover is good for neck comfort.
  • Sleeping manner:
  • Buy a pillow that is suitable for your sleeping style, whether you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper.
  • Back sleepers prefer thin pillow. Round pillow supports the natural curvature of the spine; add a flatter pillow for cushioning your head.
  • Side sleepers want firm pillows. Feather pillow is good for both side and back sleepers.
  • And stomach sleepers need a soft pillow. But sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on your spine.


  • Pillows can make your mornings delightful or painful. Higher pillows or too lower pillows constantly contract the muscles of side flexion of the neck of one side overnight, this causes the muscles to be stiffed and painful. Nerve plexus in the neck are of enormous importance, they conduct impulses from the body and to the body, continuously in one position will compress some of the nerves leading to symptoms like tingling, prickling, loss of sensation on certain body parts supplied by the compressed nerves.
  • You can eliminate or improve your neck pain in your waking hours by doing neck strain exercises, stretching may also work. Keep yourself hydrated, have a good diet, and be in good posture throughout the day. Don’t bend over phone and computer; this will worsen your neck ache. Maintain ergonomic safety measures at your work place to avoid disturbances in biomechanics of neck, head and other parts of the body. Neck pain sufferers should avoid feather, down or buckwheat pillows, precluding you can change the filler type to prevent pain. Choose a pillow of suitable height, measure the length from your neck to shoulder and find the pillow compatible to the height. Maintenance of natural curve of cervical spine is necessary, for this purpose back sleeper can use a rounded pillow with an extension to support the head.

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