How to Lay on a Pillow Correctly? Healthy Sleeping Postures

How to Lay on a Pillow Correctly

Your sleeping position affects your health to a greater extent.  If you suffer from backache, neck pain, shoulder stiffness, or struggle to find a correct sleeping position, then you need to know how to lay on a pillow correctly. Sleeping with the right pillow in the right position will surely improve the quality of your sleep.

How to Lay on a Pillow Correctly?

Your pillow and sleeping position affects your spine, muscles, nerves, discs, and muscles. If your spine is not neutrally aligned, then you will have to face various discomforts.

Correct Sleeping Positions

Check out the best sleeping position to avoid various pain and aches.

Side Sleeping Position

Sleeping on one side is quite common, and many people find it comfortable.

Thick pillow

Side sleepers are recommended to use a thicker pillow, i.e., get the one with a higher loft. If it’s thick enough, then it will keep your spine straight, but it need not be much thick that it spoils your neck alignment.

Firm or Extra Firm

Many side sleepers complain of their pillow becoming thin and collapsing under the weight of the head. This will result in bending your head and neck downward, and due to unnecessary strain, you will have to face the back or neck pain. The get the side sleepers pillow that wont collapse and cause strains.

Stomach Sleeping

It is better not to sleep on the stomach as it forces your spine and head in an unnatural upward bend. This is not a correct position and results in a restless sleep.

If you love stomach sleeping and cant change your position, then use the low loft pillows as doing so will prevent some ache and pain.

Back Sleeping

Back sleeping nodoubt encourages correct sleeping posture. This way, your head, back, and neck are kept in a neutral position. Full body pillows work superb for back sleepers.

Thinner Loft Pillow

Back sleepers are recommended to use a thin loft pillow as they don’t need to elevate their heads too high. Such a pillow keeps your head in a straight position, and this way reduces the twists in the neck.

How to Sleep With a Stiff Shoulder and Neck?

  • Sleep on your side or back.
  • Hug a pillow. This way, your top shoulder will be in an open position.
  • Using a pillow between your legs while side sleeping will take off the extra pressure from the spine.
  • If you love back sleeping, then put a pillow behind the thighs.
  • Make use of the best pillows for neck support pain.

How to Sleep With Lower Back Pain and Sciatica?

Sleeping with knees elevated in such a condition eliminates the pressure due to the lumbar discs and alleviates the pain.

Sleeping With a Pillow Under Knees

  1. To do this, first, lie flat on your back.
  2. Then keep your buttocks and heels with the bed.
  3. Bend the knees towards the ceiling.
  4. Keep a knee support pillow between the bed and your knees to have the additional support.

Sleep Apnea Position Pillow

In such a case, use the foam wedge and not the soft pillow. Sleep on your back and keep your body elevated from your waist.

Sleeping With a Pillow Between Legs

  • This position aligns your spine and helps it in maintaining its natural curve.
  • Moreover, it keeps the knees on top of each other and eliminates the pressure.
  • This position reduces the stress on the hips.
  • It improves blood circulation too.

Best Sleeping Position for Digestion

Side sleeping aids digestion issues in the best way. It prevents heartburn. Furthermore, it speeds up the digestion process, and you wake up the next day with a bowel movement.

Final Words

Good posture isn’t crucial for standing and sitting only. It is essential for sleeping too. If you don’t sleep the proper way and with the correct pillow, then your muscles and ligament will have to suffer a lot. By knowing how to lay on a pillow correctly, you will get rid of the extra pressure on your body parts. Moreover, your various health issues will get resolved.

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